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Tired of the same old Christian music? You've found the home of today's alternative Christian music. Rock, rap, blues, and even raggae. Everything you WON'T hear on local radio!

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  1. Thank's For Your Support
    Thank's For Your Support
    It's because of listeners like you that this station continues. We are 100% listener supported that's why you don't hear any commercials hocking stuff you don't really need. Thank you for your generosity.
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We're here to bring modern Christian music to the mainstream and spread the gospel of Jesus through a different way. We have a saying around here. "The message has stayed the same, the method has changed." 

Christian music and the Christian faith have become beige, it's all comfortable. Here at RCR, you'll hear music and message that will force you to into an uncomfortable relationship with Jesus and take you out of your comfort zone. 
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That's right, we'll bring our biggest hits right to you. One of our top notch DJ's will come and pump up your crowd at your live event. We're very interactive with impromtu interviews, prayer, give away's and online publicity for your event.